Symphonic Suite Assyria

Saturday, August 15, 2009 7:00PM
Mary Stuart Rogers Theater

Symphonic Suite Assyria

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The third annual AAS-A Central Valley Mesopotamian Night fund raiser concert titled:

Symphonic Suite Assyria and the Opera Qateeni

includes the following:

  1. Assyryt: Symphonic Suite Assyria by Assyrian composer Paulos Khofri and orchestrated by Michel Bosc
  2. The Assyrian Opera Qateeni: This opera is based on the three volume Assyrian folkore Epic poem book "Qateeni Gabbara" by William Daniel. The overture and one act of the opera will be performed in concert style. The music is composed by Michel Bosc. Five professional opera singers from Bay area will perform in this Assyrian opera.
  3. The overture from The Gilgamesh Oratorio by Rev. Samuel Khangaldy
  4. The Death of Enkidu Scene from the Assyrian Opera Gilgamesh by John Craton
  5. An array of classical, folklore, and popular Assyrian songs