Sunday, July 1, 2012 7:00PM
Gallo Center Rogers Theater GA

Not on sale

Michael Taylor Chiropractic presents Team McGill’s, "An Evening With Billy".

FREE event, open to the public.

We invite you to come hear former Modesto High School and University of Washington football star Billy McGill speak on the perils of drug and alcohol abuse and just how easily one can fall into the trap of addiction.

Team McGill is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating youth and young adults on the destruction caused by drug and alcohol abuse. Our founder, Billy McGill grew up in an addictive/abusive household. However, through hard work he became a blue chip football recruit out of high school, and he went on to star at the University of Washington and play in the Rose Bowl. Although, injuries eventually cut his career short, he also became addicted to drugs and alcohol which nearly ruined his life. He has put together Team McGill in an effort to teach at-risk youth the tools necessary to steer away from this lifestyle and become positive, productive members of society. Our goal at Team McGill is very simple. If we change the life of one young person, everything we do is worthwhile.