Saturday, November 17, 2012 7:00PM
Foster Family Theater

Not on sale

Presented by Modesto Christian Performing Arts

Start your holiday season off right with the uplifting musical Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, featuring such popular songs as White Christmas, I Love a Piano, and Blue Skies. Filled with witty dialogue, spectacular dance and tap numbers, and fun, familiar songs, this show is appropriate for all ages and will keep you humming the songs long after you have left the theatre!

White Christmas opens somewhere on the western front of World War II on Christmas Eve, 1944, where musical talents Bob Wallace and Phil Davis put on a show for the soldiers. Fast-forward to 1954. Bob and Phil have a successful song-and-dance act, performing in such venues as the Ed Sullivan Show. After meeting Betty and Judy, the boys find themselves booked to perform at a struggling inn in Vermont, which just happens to be owned by their former commander, General Waverly. Bob and Phil decide to try to help Waverly out and bring him some business…enter a nosy concierge and a precocious granddaughter, and the misunderstandings begin!