Sunday, March 19, 2017 3:00PM
Mary Stuart Rogers Theater


New Yorker Matt Beilis (pronounced Bay-liss) was born with his distinct voice. Some would say it's unconventional, which would fit the personality of this singer/songwriter/pianist. Matt traded in his Ivy League education along with a lucrative finance career--for a gig in a piano store, betting that his artistic talents would propel him beyond the comfort that his academic achievements all but guaranteed.

The songs that Matt crafts combine his singer-songwriter aesthetic with electronic beats and soaring pop hooks. The lyric video for Matt's first single, 'Dial-Tone,' caught the attention of Ryan Seacrest and his team, who decided to premier the song exclusively on his website The feedback was extremely positive. Matt's next music video 'Perfect For Me' took a different direction from the modern Electro-Pop/Rock vibe of 'Dial-Tone.' An emotional piano ballad showcasing Matt's incredible vocals and piano playing prowess, 'Perfect For Me' resonated with fans immediately, and was featured by calling it one of "the most important things on the internet".