Rogers Map : Sat 11/11/17 8:00PM - Sat 6/2/18 8:00PM


MSO - COPLAND & GERSHWIN Saturday, November 11, 2017 8:00PM   ·   More Info »

Our 87th Classics Season begins with a program devoted to the common elements that make us all American. John Williams’ Hymn to the Fallen highlights the Grammy-winning soundtrack to Steven Spielberg’s World War II epic Saving Private Ryan, and is considered by many as his most powerful and significant musical work in decades. Time For Three's Nick Kendall returns to perform Gershwin's Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra on Porgy and Bess, and we conclude the evening with Copland’s Appalachian Spring capturing the sentimentality and gentle spirit of the American heartland.

MSO-TCHAIKOVSKY SYMPHONY NO. 5 Saturday, February 3, 2018 8:00PM   ·   More Info »

It’s easy to fall in love while listening to this collection of passionate pieces from some of Russia’s greatest Classical composers… good thing it’s just in time for Valentine’s Day! Famed soloist Dylana Jenson returns to Modesto for a can’t-miss – and MSO premier – performance of Prokofiev’s Violin Concerto No. 2. Perhaps one of his lesser-known pieces, Symphony No. 5 has been characterized as “classic Tchaikovsky”: well crafted, colorfully orchestrated and delightfully melodic. An overall spirit of triumph unifies this vibrant and festive program.

MSO - BAROQUE... WITH A TWIST Saturday, March 10, 2018 8:00PM   ·   More Info »

Looking for something new in a Classics Series concert? Continuing our series of Baroque explorations, this program takes some well-known pieces and adds a bit of flare to create something fresh and exciting. Dynamic young soloist Amanda Heim, will take Bach's Air on the G String to new heights by substituting the violin with saxophone. MSO Associate Concertmaster, Ilana Blumberg-Thomas will also take center stage to perform a Bach concerto, while the evening concludes with an explosive rendition of Handel's Royal Fireworks Music.

MSO - NIGHTS IN THE GARDENS Saturday, April 14, 2018 8:00PM   ·   More Info »

Travel from Spain to Brazil and back to California during this dramatic evening of musical debuts. First, talented Venezuelan pianist Gabriela Martinez performs Manuel De Falla’s intimate Nights in the Gardens of Spain for the first time in Modesto. The program continues building as the MSO Chorus sings Villa-Lobos’ Chôros No. 10. The Chorus and Symphony then join the Modesto Symphony Youth Chorus on the inspirational choral piece, I Will Rise.

MSO - MUSIC MEETS GRAFFITI Saturday, June 2, 2018 8:00PM   ·   More Info »

What better way to wrap up our season than with a program inspired by Modesto, its people and our wonderful community. The first half of the program will feature three original works from three local composers commissioned to create musical expressions of Modesto’s annual ode to cars, Graffiti Festival. Complete with images and video of this year’s Festival, the pieces will also feature original choreography from Central West Ballet. The Classics Season concludes with Gustav Holst’s enormously influential and enduring masterpiece The Planets.

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Orchestra Boxes Left -1 $414.00
Orchestra Boxes Center -1 $414.00
Orchestra Boxes Right -1 $414.00
Parterre Boxes Left -1 $414.00
Parterre Boxes Right -1 $414.00
Balcony Boxes Left -2 N/A Sold Out!
Balcony Boxes Right -2 N/A Sold Out!
Orch Pit -5 N/A Sold Out!
Front Row of Orchestra -5 $85.00
Orchestra Left Side -4 $166.00
Orchestra Left -2 $310.00
Orchestra Center -2 $310.00
Orchestra Right -3 $234.00
Orchestra Right Side -5 $85.00
Rear Orchestra Left -2 $310.00
Rear Orchestra Center -2 $310.00
Rear Orchestra Right -3 $234.00
Rear Orchestra Right Side -4 $166.00
Parterre First Row Left -2 $310.00
Parterre First Row Center -2 $310.00
Rear Parterre Left -3 $234.00
Rear Parterre Center -3 $234.00
Parterre Right -4 $166.00
Parterre Right Side -4 $166.00
Front Balcony Left -4 $166.00
Front Balcony Center -3/4 $166.00
Front Balcony Right -4 $166.00
Rear Balcony Left -3 $234.00
Rear Balcony WC Left -4 $166.00
Rear Balcony Center -3 N/A Sold Out!
Rear Balcony Right -3 $234.00
Rear Balcony WC Right -4 $166.00
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