Rogers Map : Sat 10/14/17 2:00PM - Sat 12/2/17 2:00PM


MSO -THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE XMAS Saturday, October 14, 2017 2:00PM   ·   More Info »

DISNEY IN CONCERT: THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Sarah Hicks, conductor. Enjoy Tim Burton’s enduring animated classic The Nightmare Before Christmas on the big screen – with dialog and effects – accompanied by Danny Elfman’s enigmatic score played live by your Modesto Symphony Orchestra. Follow Jack Skellington, Halloween Town’s resident Pumpkin King, through his adventure to Christmas Town as he aims to shake up the holidays. “A stunningly original, visual delightful work,” this is one live performance you’ll have to see (and hear) to believe. Halloween costumes encouraged!

MSO - HOLIDAY POPS Saturday, December 2, 2017 2:00PM   ·   More Info »

Start the holidays on the right note! One of Broadway’s brightest starts and most sought-after vocalists, Ashley Brown, joins MSO to present a colorful array of holiday favorites, as well as some well-known Disney classics. Best known for her critically acclaimed title role in the Broadway and touring smash hit Mary Poppins, Brown has also performed with virtually all the top American orchestras, including Boston Pops, The New York Philharmonic and The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra just to name a few. The MSO Chorus and newly formed Modesto Symphony Youth Chorus join in on the celebration to leave listeners infused with holiday spirit. 

Pricing Details MSO Pops Sub  
Orchestra Boxes Left -1 $174.00
Orchestra Boxes Center -1 $174.00
Orchestra Boxes Right -1 $174.00
Parterre Boxes Left -1 $174.00
Parterre Boxes Right -1 $174.00
Balcony Boxes Left -2 N/A Sold Out!
Balcony Boxes Right -2 N/A Sold Out!
Orch Pit -5 N/A Sold Out!
Front Row of Orchestra -5 N/A Sold Out!
Orchestra Left Side -4 $70.00
Orchestra Left -2 $130.00
Orchestra Center -2 $130.00
Orchestra Right -3 $98.00
Orchestra Right Side -5 $36.00
Rear Orchestra Left -2 $130.00
Rear Orchestra Center -2 $130.00
Rear Orchestra Right -3 N/A Sold Out!
Rear Orchestra Right Side -4 $70.00
Parterre First Row Left -2 $130.00
Parterre First Row Center -2 $130.00
Rear Parterre Left -3 $98.00
Rear Parterre Center -3 $98.00
Parterre Right -4 $70.00
Parterre Right Side -4 $70.00
Front Balcony Left -4 $70.00
Front Balcony Center -3/4 $98.00
Front Balcony Right -4 $70.00
Rear Balcony Left -3 $98.00
Rear Balcony WC Left -4 $70.00
Rear Balcony Center -3 $98.00
Rear Balcony Right -3 $98.00
Rear Balcony WC Right -4 $70.00
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