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One of my favorite sights at the Gallo Center at night is the beautiful glow from the twinkling ‘fairy’ lights adorning the trees in our front plaza. They create a festive aura that only adds to the sense of anticipation one feels for another evening of excitement at the Center.

Tree Lighting ProjectThe lights were made possible by many generous donors who stepped forward. We were so grateful for those gifts, but now we need a helping hand from you again. Though the lights have served the Center well for several years, and have equally contributed to the improved ambiance in downtown Modesto, time, weather and vandalism have taken a toll on them. They must be replaced.

The Gallo Center has absorbed the cost of light maintenance and repairs over the past few years, but we are at a point where each of the 27 trees needs to be redone. Fortunately, technology has advanced in a way that replacement lights and fixtures are expected to be more weather tolerant and less susceptible to vandalism or accidental damage. We’ve tested the technology, and are encouraged by both the results and the appearance of the light fixtures.

The Gallo Center would love to rewrap every tree with the new lights in this new way. The cost is approximately $275 per tree. Our goal is to raise $7,500 to wrap every tree on our plaza by the spring. Can you lend a hand by sponsoring one tree for $275? Or a few branches for $100? Any amount is welcome, actually.


Lynn Dickerson, CEO

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