Saturday, February 9, 2019 7:30PM
Mary Stuart Rogers Theater

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  • Los Humildes’ Artistic Career Spanned over Four Decades & Generations!
  • An Evening of Memorable Music With Unique Style and Voice!
  • A True Institution Within The Regional Mexican Music!
  • Millions of You Tube Visits to their last Concerts!
  • The Concert will also include a Mariachi and Sinaloa Style Band.  A Musical Ensemble of more than Thirty Members!

This band was responsible for a movement in musical influence from North to South rather than the other way around, as is the norm in Latin music. The brothers Ayala formed the band with accordion and keyboard player Rodolfo Flores Villarreal in Modesto, California in 1972. The membership spread between the towns of Modesto and Turlock. Jose Luis Ayala, Juan Manuel Ayala, and Alfonso Ayala put all the possible bonded energies of brotherhood into their band, and, they went on to score a series of hits since 1972 to the present, under the leadership of José Luis Ayala.

Los Humildes, Hermanos Ayala’s artistic career spanned over four decades, and generations; during this time, they have received countless awards, as well as Gold and Platinum Records for the high sales of their albums. One of the most important recognitions was by the Billboard Magazine, for being one of the most popular and high-selling-record groups. A true institution within the Mexican Music, José Luis Ayala, has shared voice with great figures of the Regional Mexican Music Genre. Among all the great achievements of Los Humildes, Hermanos Ayala was the 2001 nomination to obtain the Latin Grammy with the production “Porque No Basta”; the first single of this was the theme, “Disculpe Usted”.

“Ambition” (or “Ambicion”) was the prophetic title of the band’s first hit on the Regional Mexican scene. The band put out dozens of records on different labels. The first series of albums by the band were all released on compact discs in the ‘90s. One of their recent albums, Javier Solis - billed to José Luis Ayala & Los Humildes, Hermanos Ayala -- pays tribute to boleros and rancheras of the late, influential Mexican singer and actor.

Los Humildes de Los Hermanos Ayala continue recording and touring to the present, with the original style called “Monterrey Style” or “Chicano Style”, influenced by musicians from the Mexican State of Nuevo Leon, playing mexican traditions, corrido, norteno, and rancheras. The most recent musical production is “Las Canciones que Siempre Quise Grabar”/The Songs that I Always Wanted to Record, a compact disc that is part of the Tour: “Nuestras Vivencias”/Our Memories.

As of today, Los Humildes, Hermanos Ayala is a prolific band, and the band is well respected and recognized in the Regional Mexican Music Scene, in both sides of the border.

Edited Version & Contribution: Pedro Rodriguez-H (Del Mar Latin).Credits: Eugene Chadbourne (All Music)